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Get Out The Vote Poster with American Flag

Get Out the Vote Poster

Challenge: AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, sponsors a Design for Democracy initiative every four years. Their goal is to help increase civic participation in elections by design. They ask their members to submit designs for the "Get Out the Vote" posters. These posters can be downloaded from their website and printed out either commercially or on a home printer. The League of Women Voters is their program partner for the 2016 initiative.

Get Out the Vote Poster with American Flag

Make Sure to Get Out and Vote!

Solution: The title of the poster I designed is "Make Sure to Get Out and Vote!" as this is an important message to share with everyone. An illustration of the American flag is prominently displayed. There is a pen which appears to be drawing the flag. This reminds us of some important historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Gettysburg Address, all documents that were written to preserve the rights of US citizens. The rest of the message continues. "It is your right, privilege, and responsibility as a US citizen."

I felt that these images and words would best describe the reasons why US citizens should make an effort to vote.

  1. Those who came before us fought for the RIGHT for all men and women to vote.
  2. Voting is a PRIVILEGE that not everyone in the world has.
  3. We live in a democracy and it is our civic duty and RESPONSIBILITY to vote.

So make sure to get out and vote!

Get Out The Vote Poster Design with Bald Eagle


I also designed another poster for the initiative which I did not submit. I thought that this version would appeal to animal lovers. "VOTE For your ideals, your future, and your America."

  • Date:April 2016
  • Categories: Print, Poster, Graphic Design
  • Client: AIGA, the professional association for design
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